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Straight Bourbon Whiskey

MASH BILL: 99% Corn, 1% Malted Barley

AGE: 3 years (minimum)

PROOF: 100 (50% abv)

Non-Chill Filtered
Distilled, Aged, & Bottled in Indiana.

Featuring the “Old Hamer Standard” mash bill of 99% corn, and 1% malted barley, the 100 proof Single Barrel offers an enhanced flavor profile with its unique barrel character and elevated proof. It epitomizes a sweeter, softer bourbon compared to traditional three or four grain mash bills. Aged for a minimum of 3 years in 53-gallon new charred American oak barrels, this bourbon has aromas of stone fruit, lemon grass, leather and caramel that jump from the glass. On the palate, soft notes of cherry, sweet cream, and vanilla are followed by caramelized sugar, subtle licorice and oak which perfectly round out the finish. We think this whiskey is damn near perfect.


2021 San Francisco World Spirits Competition
Gold Medal

2021 SIP AWARDS - World Spirits Competition
Gold Medal

2021 Denver International Spirits Competition
Gold Medal

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