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Higher Rye Bourbon

Distiller's Collection

Single Barrel, Cask Strength

The distillers collection is crafted using unique, unusual, & exciting mash bills, barrels, and production techniques. Each release is incredibly small batch and carefully aged to showcase the flavors of these delightfully curious whiskies." 

      - Head Distiller, Julian Jones

Coming in just over 128 proof, this bottle is a must for your shelf. On the nose, peppercorn and spiced nutmeg, on the palate habanero pepper, caramel, and a hint of spearmint. 🥃

Proof: 128.1
ABV: 64.05%

Mash: 57% Corn, 43% Rye
Age: 3 Years

Barrel: Char 3 - American Oak

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HIGH-RYE Straight Bourbon is only available at West Fork locations.

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